What is my omega-3 index and why is it import?

What is my omega-3 index and why is it import?

Many of us already know the benefits of including cold water fish in our diets. These foods contain large quantities of omega 3 fatty acids. These oils play several different roles in the body including the reduction of inflammation, brain health, and help cells function better. Numerous studies now clearly show that a high omega 3 index is desirable.

So, what is the omega-3 index is?

The omega 3 index is a blood test that measures the amount of EPA and DHA found in the membranes of red blood cells. The test gives you a percentage which tells you how much omega-3 is in your red blood cells. A test above 8% is desirable and below 4% is not and may be related to certain metabolic problems.

Knowing your index is important because it can help you create a strategy to increase your index if it is found to be low. Since most people do not know what their index is or do not know what a low index means.

No matter how healthy you are you should learn what your index is.

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