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Cold laser is a new and very sophisticated form of therapy for musculoskeletal injuries of all sorts. LASER, or Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, uses a concentrated beam of light that is absorbed by the body and has significant physiological effects. Laser is used to treat muscles, tendons, fascia, connective tissue, nerves, bones, and joints. It helps with both pain reduction/management and tissue healing and the application is very safe. Many universities and most professional sports teams have practitioners who utilize lasers to help their athletes.

Multi Radiance’s MR4 Laser

Dr. Benedikt uses Multi Radiance’s new MR4 laser, which is considered by many to be the best laser on the market. It is the next generation of the Terraquant laser, which is also a very good quality product. The MR4 is a super-pulsed laser, thus allowing the Class IM laser to have more effect than even most Class IV lasers. How is this possible? The MR4 uses between 25,000 and 50,000 mW of power to allow for absorption of light up to 5 inches inside the body. Continuous lasers have to lower the power to not burn the patient. By doing so, they limit the absorption depth of the laser. Being super-pulsed, the MR4 can deliver a lot of power yet it does not create heat. It is able to deliver light energy unlike any other laser on the market.

With other laser units, application is almost guesswork. This is not the case with the MR4. The MR4 has a unique LaserStim head (patented) that helps identify tissues with abnormal electrical conductance, thus enabling the treatment to be used over the exact areas of injuries. This is a huge advance in technology and only Multi Radiance offers this feature!

Many lasers manufacturers believe that a single wavelength allows for maximal laser absorption over a broad array of tissues. This is not true. The MR4 offers three separate wavelengths of light energy to work across the entire phototherapeutic window. The Super-Pulsed Laser emits at 905nm, the Pulsed Broadband Non-coherent Infrared emits at 875nm, and the Pulsed Red Non-coherent emits at 660nm. The MR4 also uses a static magnetic field at 35 mt to help increase energy potential, thus aiding in treatment effects. There simply is no other laser on the market that offers to the patient the therapeutic effects that a MR4 does.

Regarding the physiology of how laser works, the following paragraph is taken from the Multi Radiance website, as it is a great explanation.

The effects of laser therapy are photochemical in general and with super-pulsed lasers such as the InSight Series also photomechanical. Photons enter the tissue and are absorbed in the cell’s mitochondria and at the cell membrane by chromophores. These chromophores are photosensitizers that generate reactive oxygen species following irradiation thereby influencing cellular redox states and the mitochondrial respiratory chain. Within the mitochondria, the photonic energy is converted to electromagnetic energy in the form of molecular bonds in ATP. It is obvious that, in order to interact with the living cell, laser light has to be absorbed by intracellular chromophores. Cell membrane permeability increases, which promotes physiological changes to occur. These physiological changes affect macrophages, fibroblasts, endothelial cells, mast cells, bradykinin, and nerve conduction rates. The clinical and physiological effects are obtained by the way in which the tissues absorb laser radiation. This tissue absorption depends on the wavelength of the beam itself and the power to ensure that the laser energy reaches the target tissue at the necessary clinical levels. The use of an improper wavelength laser would not penetrate into the tissue to reach the target area. Furthermore, even if one has a laser with the proper wavelength, if the device does not have enough power to drive the energy into the tissue, the target area may not realize the potential benefits. Each type of laser emits light at a very specific wavelength, which interacts with the irradiated tissue. It also acts in particular with the chromophores present in the tissue, but in a different way. A chromophore, intrinsic or extrinsic, is any substance, colored or clear, which is able to absorb radiation. Among the endogenous chromophores, water and hemoglobin, nucleic acid and proteins can be listed. Among the exogenic chromophores, we can instead find porphyrins and hematoporphyrins, which are injected into the organism. These are described as photosensitizers because they fix themselves to the tissue making it photosensitive at specific wavelengths.

Regarding research and laser, most all of the literature is positive. There are a few negative studies but it is important to point out that they tend to discuss lower powered lasers. The MR4 is not low power. In fact, it is one of the highest-powered lasers on the market. At this time, there are over 100 double-blind studies confirming the positive effects of laser therapy and over 300 research reports have been published. Research continues around the world as the therapeutic effects of laser is continuing to be discovered.


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