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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are discrete, focal, hyperirritable spots located in a tight band within a skeletal muscle. These spots are painful when compressed, often times producing referred pain, referred tenderness and muscle spasms.

Although the exact cause of trigger points is unknown, researchers believe acute trauma or repetitive microtrauma (day to day activity) may lead to their development. Lack of exercise, poor posture, vitamin deficiencies, sleep disturbances and joint problems may all predispose to this microtrauma. Activities such as sitting at work all day, looking at a computer screen, holding a telephone receiver between the ears and shoulder, poor footware, prolonged lifting or bending may also lead to problems.

Acute sports injuries caused by acute sprain or repetitive stress such as playing tennis, golf, baseball, football may also lead to the development of trigger points.

Conservative treatment may involve ice massage, manual methods of direct pressure and spraying the area with a coolant while stretching the area to relax the tightness in the muscle. Dr. Benedikt has spent years studying trigger point therapy or "myofascial release techniques". It is a perfect adjunct to treating many common musculoskeletal problems.

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